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What is carpet area?

Carpet area is the area that can be used to spread a carpet inside the house.

Carpet Area
In this Image, Following area are considered in carpet area:
  • Bedroom
  • Balcony
  • Kitchen
  • Living/Dining
  • Toilet
In this Image, Following area are not considered in carpet area:
  • Lift
  • Corridor
  • Lift Lobby

What carpet area covers?
  • Rooms- Bedrooms, study, Dining room, Dressing Rooms and Other Rooms
  • Bathroom
  • Balconies within Property unit
  • A staircase within Property unit
  • Kitchen
What carpet area does not cover?
  • External and internal Walls
  • Common areas
  • Terrace
  • Utility Ducts & Interior Part

How to calculate carpet area?
Carpet area = Sum of all Area (Bedroom + Livingroom + Balconies + Toilets) — The thickness of the inner walls

What is built up area?

Built up area is the area which is totally covered by internal and external walls and it also includes ducts & Interior part. It is also known as the total covered area of the apartment and is the sum of carpet area, area covered by the thickness of walls and includes the terrace, balcony and other liveable areas.

Builtup Area

What built up area covers?
  1. External & Internal walls
  2. Carpet Area
  3. Utility Ducts & Interior part(sewage/water pipeline, Interior part of Door and window AC ducts and shafts etc.)

There also is a term which most of us are not aware of, that is Plinth/covered Area Basically, the covered area does not include balcony and any structure called cantilever. This does not have any kind of ground support or from the lower apartment. This, however, is covered in Built up area. So, the covered area/plinth area is the area under the Roof

How do we calculate built up area?

Built up = Area Carpet Area + Area of walls + Area of Utility & Interior part Generally, the built up area is 20 % more than the Carpet area.

Built up Area:

Carpet Area + Area of ducts and walls + 1/2 the Area of the terrace

what is Super built up area?

Super Built-up Area is the area calculated by adding the built-up area and common area that includes the corridor, lift lobby, lift, etc. In some cases, builders even include amenities such as a pool, garden and clubhouse in the common area. A Developer/Builder charges you on the basis of the super built-up area which is why it is also known as ‘saleable’ area.

Super builtup area

What super built up area covers
  • Built up area of the Property
  • Common areas — Clubhouses, Air ducts, Pipe/shafts Duct, Lift, Staircases, Lobby, Swimming pool, Gymnasium (proportioned to the housing unit)
What it does not cover
  • Roof Terrace
  • water tank
  • lofts
  • Parks, Driveways, Garden, Play hub

How do we calculate super built up area?
Super built up Area = Built up Area + Proportionate Common area

Here, Proportionate Common area is ducts, Lift, Lobby, Swimming pool, Gymnasium (proportioned to the housing unit),elevator, the veranda, garden, clubhouse, Staircase, lifts stairs (proportioned to the housing unit).

In case of Proportionate Common area are not Present then Super Built up area and Carpet Area are same.

However, if Proportionate Common area are Present then it is added to Built up Area.